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Welcome to the club of ambitious managers who realise the limits of own marketing knowledge and experience. Allow your brand to move beyond those limits and get the hands-on learning as we work together.

Nobody knows it all and there is no shame in that. The smartest of people are the most modest about their knowledge, for we know how little we know.

Yet, you know your business and we know marketing. Together, we surely can come up with unique solutions for your particular problem. Lifelong learning is the key to knowledge. You can enroll for a marketing course and, once completed, do it all yourself, or you can trust us and gain hands on experience as we work together.

Check who is likely to hire us and see if any of these profiles resonates with you. If you don’t feel any of the descriptions, don’t be discouraged. Feel free to contact us for a free counselling session – we will honestly tell you if we can or cannot be of service to you.


who is considering our services

Could you be our future client?


You are managing a small or medium company and you reached the point where your basic marketing knowledge is exhausted? Your business could really benefit from having a high-profile brand manager to take your marketing game further, but can’t afford to employ one yet?
Maybe you are an entrepreneur, starting a venture and you need the overall marketing framework for your new business or a project you’re about to launch, but do not know where to start?

destination managers

Tourist Board Directors or DMO managers are often of non-marketing background, yet the main challenge is to brand and promote the destination.

 We have a proven record of helping destinations find their authentic positioning and create unique branding, planning meaningful activities to deploy the branding across the destination, to achieve best results.  We have helped prized destinations create positioning and award winning branding activities to distinguish them on travel market, coaching individuals and teams to master destination brand management.

marketing professionals

You have the experience and marketing expertise, but you’re overwhelmed by work and short of a pair of experienced hands? Maybe you would like another professional to review your marketing plan and give you honest feedback or challenge you for improvements?

 Sometimes there are hideous little tasks that are important, but never seem to get to tackled – like a project pitch, review & update of the website, rewriting questionnaires or welcome newsletter chain? Hand it over and we will complete the task in no time, nobody will notice it was outsourced.


Trusted by Entrepreneurs, Destination & Marketing Managers

Why would you hire us?

Delivering results with honesty

Our approach is highly individual and discreet, when required. We create UNIQUE  and highly OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS for each project, in line with market environment and resources available.

Our aim is both to DELIVER THE RESULTS and TRANSFER THE EXPERTISE to our clients, so they gain full understanding and eventually can continue on their own. 

We can WORK AND SOLVE PROBLEMS INDEPENDANTLY, executing tasks with minimum input or supervision, which is why marketing executives love to outsource us.

We have a reputation of being RUTHLESSLY HONEST, yet respectful and helpful with CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE. Clients find it useful to keep us around and bounce ideas and various projects against us. Though we provide short-term services, our cooperations are often long-term. 

how much does it cost?

Transparent pricing

As each project is unique, so is the cost for it. We charge our services per hour or per project, based on our hourly rate. An estimate of cost is agreed prior to every project and we keep track of time used available to our clients, so our clients are never surprised by our invoices.


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