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Finding that one thing that makes you unique and different from competitors, yet relevant and interesting for customers. Markets change and new trends come, business changes. How to become and stay relevant? 
This is what we do – we help you nail an authentic brand positioning for your business or sharpen existing brand to reflect changes in your business and keep relevance.

In addition, we provide advice and support in creating and execution of marketing strategy, plans and other projects related to branding and brand communication.

01. Strategic

Creating an authentic brand positioning that will be relevant for years, resisting fads and allowing you to build long-standing relationship with your customers.     A brand positioning to proudly own.

02. Professional

You will hear what you need to be told, not what you wish to hear. We are guided by professional standards and personal honesty, with business prosperity in focus. Egos need to take back seat.

03. discreet

Client confidentiality goes without saying, but sometimes one needs a 2nd opinion or work done without disclosing it to public. No questions asked, no explanations needed.     We just do and do not tell.

who we are

Experienced Brand Manager & crew

Marina Đukanović


Founder and owner, I am the core of MONE SALE Consulting, working closely with each client on determining the issue on hand and creating the road to solutions. 

Usually described as “friendly and easy to talk to”, I seek to deeply understand your situation before offering any piece of advice. Working as independent marketing consultant since 2007, for several clients I’ve been a trusted advisor over 10 years. 

My experience is rooted in traditional marketing of consumer goods and luxury brands within international corporations. It grew through a regional digital marketing start-up and destination branding to flourish with counselling SME in tourism and personal services.

Check my professional background and career path on LinkedIn. 

At MONE SALE Consulting nobody aims or claims to be Jack of all trades. We work with specialists always at hand, ready to provide expertise for specific problem solving, digital marketing solutions or to quickly execute various tasks, however demanding or menial.

what can you get here

Marketing Services á la Carte

Brand positioning

Your authentic brand statement to differentiate from rest of the market.

branding & rebranding

Manifesting your brand in clear, attractive and meaningful ways.

Brand management

Managing all the marketing activities related to your brand, part-time or full.

marketing strategy

Long-term guidance for your marketing activities to ease your decision making in operational marketing.


You don’t need to be omnipresent. Chose efficient media and meaningful content to reach your clients.

project management

Design and execution of various marketing projects, including launches, innovations or EU projects.

supplier quest

Creating pitch for creative, media or PR agency, design, video production etc. Includes supplier briefing and set up of collaboration.

web audit

Review of web content, links and functionalities. Notes of essential functional improvements and immediate adjustments of content. 



Web content, product descriptions, blogs, copy for brochures and other – in line with your positioning and  written in your brand voice.

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